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%t %rf  bids you welcome to the arctic 
wastes of Solitude, the northern most 
city-state in the realm. We are home to 
the Ravagers. Beware our might...

%t %rf bids you welcome to the city-
state which greets the sun as it begins its 
journey, Dawnstar. The Avengers stand 
victorious here. Challenge if you dare...

%t %rf welcomes you to Winterhold, 
home of the Annihilators. Let travelers 
find warmth within our walls, let 
challengers find us worthy...

%t %rf bids you enter Snowhawk, 
where the wind is as sharp as its talons 
and the Frost Demons are as fierce as 
their name...

Riften and %t %rf bids you welcome. 
We the Furies, call this our home. Let 
those who challenge be wary...

The city-state of Falcrenth bids you 
welcome, as does its ruler, %t %rf. We 
are home of the Dark Shadows, who 
have killed all who dared come against 

The heart of Skyrim, Whiterun and %t 
%rf bid you welcome. For travelers we 
offer a place of rest, for challengers to 
our team, the Devastators, we offer the 

Let all who enter Windhelm know of the 
Paladins, who fight all challengers for 
their sovereign %t %rf. Be not afraid, 
but instead enter bravely and die well...

Corinth and %t %rf, heart of the 
Province Elsweyr, greet our weary 
brethren. If you come to challenge, know 
that the Brood are ready for battle, and 
merciless to their foes...

The white walled Alabaster welcomes 
you into her breast. %t %rf bids you to 
die well in the Arena if you challenge, for 
the Nightrunners are hungry. Feel not the 
sting of fear, but instead the song of 

The southern port of Senchal greets you. 
Those who would challenge our team, 
the New Gods, must show their 
worthiness to our ruler, %t %rf. We 
promise a quick and clean kill...

Be welcome in Rimmen, chosen in the 
Empire to hold the greatest team, the 
Crushers. Come and bid us to accept 
your challenge, for we have not spilled 
blood in a while... 

Welcome to Torval, home of the finest 
southern wines. Be wary of our team, the 
Firedrakes however, those who have 
crossed their path have been in dire 
straits indeed...

Dune stands forever. Challenge if you 
dare, for we are the Blades, and we will 
defeat any who come to our door...

You who would enter Orcrest beware! 
Monsters abide within these walls. They 
are called the Silent Ones, and you would 
do best to travel elsewhere... 

You have come to Riverhold, closest 
city-state to the Imperial Isle. Here waits 
the Axers, deadly foes who accept any 
who would dare challenge them...

Thou art welcome in Elinhir by %t %rf, 
Guardian of the West. The Blackcasters 
name this home. Be cautious, lest ye 
draw their wrath upon thy heads...

The port city of Taneth welcomes thee 
unto its soil. %t %rf bids be not fearful 
of the Arena, but stand forward tall and 
proud, as our team the War Eagles do, 
for here they are home...

Weary traveler, thou art entering 
Sentinel, the holding of %t %rf and 
Guardian of Starfall Bay. Attend our 
team, the Deathbringers, and learn what 
it is to be warriors, for we stand alone...

Gilane, the southern port of Hammerfell, 
welcomes thee into its walls. %t %rf and 
the Dire Wolves stand ready for all who 
would test their mettle...

Know that we of Skaven welcome thee, 
for it is rare indeed to receive travelers 
brave enough to stand under the shadow 
of Fang Lair. Our team, the Guards, 
stand ready...

Welcome to Dragonstar, home of the 
Sacred Rage. We wish thee peace and 
rest in our city-state, but conduct 
thyselves honorably, or thou shalt answer 
to our champions...

Rihad, southern most port of 
Hammerfell, welcomes thee. Lay aside 
thy vice and avarice and enter these walls 
as nobles. Do not however seek to 
challenge the Bane, who call this home. 
We wish you only a long life and 

Hegathe and %t %rf bid you welcome, 
and good fortune. We are home to the 
Bloodhorns, and not a deadlier challenge 
wouldst thou face elsewhere... 

Northpoint and the Slayers hail thee, 
traveller. We wish you good fortune 
within our walls...

The Guardians of Daggerfall greet those 
search for rest, and challenge those who 
search for glory...

Shornhelm, Keeper of the Crypt of 
Hearts, welcomes all who find our walls 
upon their journey. May good fortune 
smile upon thee and may our team, the 
War Mages, be merciful...

Camlorn, Jewel of the West, greets thee 
weary traveller and bids thee welcome to 
our city-state. Know that we are home to 
the Dragons, and hold them as our 

The northern port of Farrun welcomes 
you into her icy hold. Feel not the bite of 
winter, nor the edge of the wind, but 
instead the cold steel of the Hellcats, as 
they perform their deadly dance...

We of Evermore welcome you into our 
walls. The War Knights reside here, and 
call this their home. Remember this, lest 
you forget who you face in the Arena...

The port city of Wayrest and the 
Highlanders hail all weary travelers who 
wish to rest. Find ye the strength within 
our walls to continue your journey, 
where ever that may be...

Welcome to Jehanna, a city as beautiful 
as her name. The Iceblades greet you, 
and wish you peace on your stay...

You enter Ebonheart, also known as the 
Black City. To the north you can see the 
red-orange glow of Dagoth Ur, the 
firecone on the Black Isle. The Reavers 
reside here. They have a reputation of 
being extremely ruthless...

Narsis weaves it web of sleep upon all 
those who enter, for the Dark Elves of 
Narsis discourage visitors. It seems 
however that you are unaffected. The 
Stormlords hold dominion over this city-
state, and the wind seems to whisper 
their name...

Blacklight holds the northern tip of 
Morrowind, and to the east is Dagoth Ur 
in all its fiery glory. The Dark Knights 
fight for this city-state and seldom show 
mercy to their opponents...

Firewatch is the closest city-state to the 
firecone, Dagoth Ur. Legend has it that a 
great labyrinth resides under that fiery 
mountain. Here in this city however, the 
danger comes from the Blood Mages, 
who are old veterans of the Arena...

Necrom, eastern port of the Realm, and 
city-state of the Dark Heat. Necrom is 
known for two things, the ferocity of 
their Arenists, and the quality of their 

You enter Mournhold, lost city-state of 
the first empire. It is said that a great evil 
resides under this city, slowly driving its 
citizens mad. The Blade Dancers fight 
here, and it is said that none have ever 
seen the bodies of the slain after the 
Arena is over...

The southeastern port city of Tear is also 
known as the Jewel of the East, and 
home of the Immortals. Of all the city-
states in Morrowind, Tear is most open 
to trade and commerce. Perhaps this is 
why few have complained about the 
strange happenings when night falls...

Kragenmoor holds the western border of 
Morrowind. Its team, the Warhammers, 
have enjoyed a unique reputation. Up till 
now they are the only ones to have 
successfully killed every opponent who 
has ever challenged them...

You enter Eldenroot, center of the Elden 
Grove. The elves here seem friendly and 
you are hailed in welcome. You overhear 
that the city-state's team, the Cavaliers, 
won last week in the Arena...

Perched on the edge of the great Elden 
Grove, Silvenar is a city-state of breath 
taking beauty. Tall minarets and spires 
worked out of marble rise out of the 
forest. Silvenar is home to the Rangers, a 
young team which has done well so far in 
the Arena...

The coastal city-state of Woodhearth is 
the departure point for those bound for 
Summurset Isle. The Wood Elves here 
are friendly and pleasant. The team that 
makes its home here is the Nomads, and 
they have strong ties to magic...

Falinesti lies near the coast on the 
northern region of Valenwood. To the 
north are the spines of the Dragon's 
Teeth. The Wyverns have been the city-
state's team for the last three years 
running. Few dare to go against them...

Greenheart lies on the southern edge of 
the Elden Grove. Beautiful trees fill the 
city-state, making it seem more like a 
forest than a thriving metropolis. Here 
the Defenders have earned themselves 
the distinction of having the fastest win 
recorded in Arena history... 

Named after the first king of the Wood 
Elves, Arenthia is regal in bearing and 
noble in stature. The city seems quiet and 
dignified, and the Huntsmen who fight 
for her are reputed to be honorable 
warriors and dangerous foes...

Haven lies on the southern edge of 
Valenwood. Her team, the Red Spears, 
are known and honored throughout the 
Realm as being one of the most 

Southpoint is the southern most port city 
in Valenwood. The Chimeras make their 
home here and have, up till now, fought 
and defeated all challengers who have 
come to their gates...

You have entered the gates of Dusk, the 
High Elven city of Summurset. All who 
journey here for the challenge, know that 
our team, the Executioners, stand ready 
to meet you in battle...

Enter Sunhold and be welcome, for we 
and the Griffins wish all who come in 
peace a long and healthy life, and those 
who come in search of glory, a quick and 
merciful death...

Alinor, forest city of Summurset, 
welcomes you to our gates. Know that 
the Protectors hold this city, and will 
fight any who challenge to keep it...

None can match the beauty of 
Shimmerene, the city of lights. Be 
welcome and merry, for what is ours is 
yours. However, if you come to 
challenge tread lightly, the Titans do not 
take kindly to would be usurpers...

Welcome to Lillandril, the High Elven 
hold on the northern coasts of 
Summurset. The Crimson Guard fight 
here for honor and glory. Come, 
challenge if you dare...

When High Lord Torinaan came to this 
isle, our city sprang from his first step 
onto its rocky shores. Be welcome to 
First Hold, birthplace of the High Elves 
and home of the Reapers, who carry our 

Skywatch, northern city of Summurset, 
welcomes you to its gates. Enter in peace 
and feel our warmth, challenge and feel 
your blood run cold at the mention of 
our team, the Assassins, who will show 
no mercy... 

We hold the Plains of Summurset, for we 
are the High Elves of Cloudrest. Never 
will you see more beauty than in our 
land, or more danger in our Arena, for 
here live the Gladiators, and they kill for 

You enter the city gates of Helstrom, 
noticing the dark looks the guards give 
you. You've heard of the Pit Daemons, 
who fight here. They have a reputation of 
being very dangerous. Perhaps you can 
change that...

The city gates of Archon loom over you 
as you enter. People around you here 
seem to be avoiding eye contact. You've 
heard that the Plague butchered their last 
opponents in this Arena and ate their 
remains. Not a fate you'd wish to share...

Gideon, the black city of the followers of 
Seth, lies near the southern tip of the 
Imperial Run. A cold air that has nothing 
to do with the time of year seems to chill 
your bones as you enter. It has been 
rumored that the Shadowblades, who 
fight for Gideon, are undead...  

Blackrose, near the legendary forest of 
Murkwood, holds many secrets. You feel 
eyes on your back as the city gates shut 
behind you with a hollow boom. The 
Arena here holds the blood of many 
teams who have lost their lives to the 
Warriors. You do not plan to add 
yourself to that list...

Lilmoth, home of the Dark Tide, seems 
gloomy and forbidding. Never before 
have you experienced the unnatural fear 
that pervades the atmosphere. This city it 
is rumored, holds much under its 

You enter the gates of Soulrest, leaving 
the sounds of the ocean and surf behind. 
Inside it seems as if a hush as fallen over 
the city, as if all inside are holding their 
breath in anticipation. The Knightblades 
fight here, and it seems that the citizens 
are eager for blood...

Stormhold lies on the northern tip of the 
Province of Black Marsh. Here the 
people seem friendly, but a strain shows 
in their eyes. Perhaps it is because of 
their proximity to the Dark Elven lands. 
You only know that their team, the Black 
Shields, fight here and are considered 
perhaps the deadliest team on the 

Thorn holds the eastern edge of the 
continent, and has been named by some 
the Jewel of the East. As you enter their 
gates however, you realize that this town 
is as deadly as it is rumored to be 
beautiful. Vagabonds eye your purse 
strings and guards seem to turn lazy eyes 
elsewhere. The Warlords fight here, and 
if they can make a home in such a place, 
it seems they will be implacable foes...

Game images and texts are Copyright Bethesda Softworks

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