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This section for Foroozan:

There is a base 20% chance after the first staff piece is recovered,
that the random encounter when rolled, is actually a Jagar Tharn's creatures
encounter. For each additional piece of the Staff in the PC's inventory, 
the chance goes up by 5% (ie if the PC has three pieces of the Staff the 
chance is 30%).
If the random encounter is actually a Jagar Tharn's creatures encounter,
you will run an anim and insert the text outlined in the following
paragraphs in the lower letterbox area. After the anim finishes, fade it
out and then run the encounter.
If the random encounter is a Jagar Tharn's creatures encounter, roll every
thing as you would for a normal random encounter except, add the number
of Staff pieces in the PC's possession to the PC's level when determining
enemies. This will add 1 - 8 levels to the PC's level when rolling the
encounter, depending upon how many pieces he or she has currently.
Once the PC has a Jagar Tharn's creatures encounter, he or she will not
have another until another piece of the Staff is recovered. Also, if the
PC doesn't get one while wandering around, we must force one if the PC
picks the legendary location of the next Staff piece on the continental map.

My character has three (3) pieces of the Staff, and has successfully defended
himself on two occasions, shortly after getting the first 2 pieces. He is
now traveling and looking for the fourth piece. Each time we roll a random
encounter we check to see if Jagar Tharn notices the PC. The chance is 30%.
If we roll under 30 on 1 - 100, we then add 3 to the PC's level and roll
a random encounter. We then run the anim and text, then fade back to the
real world and run the encounter we rolled. 
We must however run an encounter before the PC gets the fourth piece. 
If by the time the PC learns on the continental map where the fourth 
piece of the Staff is (Halls of Colossus), we haven't rolled a Jagar 
Tharn's creatures encounter, then when the PC clicks the Halls of 
Colossus to begin his journey to the fourth piece, we
should force an encounter along his way.

PC has 1st piece of the Staff in possession:
I do not know who you are, but you have made a fatal mistake. I have 
sent my minions, ones worthy of the attention you deserve, to relieve 
you of the burden of the Staff piece you now hold. Give it to them 
and I will order your death painless and quick. Resist and I shall see 
you in such suffering that you will grovel for the sweet release of death...&

PC has 2nd piece of the Staff in possession:
You have survived the Labyrinthian, a place most dire. Continue along 
this path however and you will face such things as to make your very 
heart freeze. I will save you the ordeal for my servants approach you even 
now. From your managled corpse I will take what is mine...& 

PC has 3rd piece of the Staff in possession:
Why do you choose to align against me when it is obvious that 
I will destroy you. Even as each piece of the Staff comes into your 
possession it becomes easier to find you, and I have done just that. Face 
my creatures, if you dare. I am through toying with you...&

PC has 4th piece of the Staff in possession:
It is obvious, whoever you are, that you are a cunning and worthy foe. I 
will not insult your intelligence with further digression. My minions soon 
approach, but I will not consign you to the dark door of Death. 
You have proven your worth. Once you are killed, I will raise you to 
fight for me, as one servants. Give in to me now and I offer you 
everlasting life...&

PC has 5th piece of the Staff in possession:
I have underestimated you, that is clear. You have not only defeated the 
useless creatures I have sent against you, but managed to survive the 
Crystal Tower, a feat that in and of itself could be legend. It is sad 
that I am forced to destroy you. Prepare, for my minions arrive...&

PC has 6th piece of the Staff in possession:
You have rejected my offer of everlasting life, and defeated the Crypt 
of Hearts. Your list of accomplishments grow. You will not however, 
accomplish the forging of the Staff. My forces are inexhaustible, and 
you will succumb. Prepare, for my servants arrive...&

PC has 7th piece of the Staff in possession:
You amaze me with your tenacity. It boots nothing to avoid my snares, 
for this game is at an end. The final piece of the Staff is in Dagoth-Ur, in 
the province of Morrowind. The information is useless to you, for none know 
the entrance to the volcano, and even if you survive the creatures I have 
sent against you now, you will not survive its depths. I bid you farewell, 
%pcf. You have been a most worthy opponent...&

PC has 8th piece of the Staff in possession:
I congratulate you on your success. Have you discovered however, what 
I have known all along? The Staff is drained of all magical potential. I 
did it myself before scattering the pieces across the realm. It is a useless 
stick, good for churning butter or rowing a boat, but not for saving the 
Emperor. Come find me if you dare, and I will relieve you of any further 
burdens you may think to face. My legions await...&

Game images and texts are Copyright Bethesda Softworks

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